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What Would Happen If You Suddenly
Lost Access to These Accounts?

Internet Address Book
  • Bank Account
  • eBay Account
  • Online Merchants like
  • Hotmail and Google Accounts
  • Accounts to Pay Bills Online
  • Investment/Stock/Retirement Accounts
  • Newsgroups and/or Blogs
  • Subscription Websites

What IF . . .

  • Your computer crashes and all your passwords are stored electronically?
  • Your computer has to go the repair shop?
  • You have to get out of the building in an emergency leaving your computer behind?
  • Your laptop gets lost or stolen?
  • You lose or forget your user names and passwords?
  • You can't remember 8 letter/number passwords for more than 2 sites?

"My Internet Addresses" is the perfect Go Anywhere Solution

  • Access your accounts from any computer in the world
  • Small compact size fits easily in shirt pocket or purse
  • Stores access information for 300 sites
  • Provides extra 2 lines for personal notes
  • Great for travelling
  • Perfect for multiple computer users
  • You are no longer a slave to just one computer

Check out the inside

User Name and Password Book

Notice how you don't have to write "http://www." every time or "User Name" and "Password". Just insert your information and go.

Password Safety Book

Every day you go to websites that require a user name and password. Think about how many times you do this in a day, a week, a month. Some sites you go to frequently like your email or bank account, whereas others you may go to once a month and others only a few times a year.

Do you always use the same computer? If you are like most people, you access some things from your home and some from the office thus using multiple computers.

Do you have difficulty keeping up with all your user names and passwords? Perhaps you conveniently rely on sticky notes attached to your computer screen (which by the way most companies will deem, a security breach) and I think at last count was restricted to holding only 57 sticky notes before visibility was near impossible.

No Password Security

OR do you write them down on all shapes and sizes of small pieces of paper and stash them under your desk blotter thinking no one will think to look there?

Look at what others say about "My Internet Addresses".

"I'm away from home a lot and rely on my computer to pay bills, follow my investments and research future jobs. This handy little tool keeps those endless passwords and user ID's in one place and easy to find. It sure helps keep my life organized on the road.

Joe H.
Film Technician
Orlando, FL

"I never could figure out how I was suppose to remember a 6 character or more user name including spaces and puncuation for all those sites and not write it down. I can't IMAGINE being without this book. It has saved my a-- more than once.. Simple but effective solution. - - - Alex G. Busy in AZ.

" I am a mortgage broker and it took me forever to find all the passwords to access my lender's websites. You have saved me endless hours of keeping up with all my access info." - - - Christine W. Oviedo, FL

"My Internet Addresses" is available on and (check out our 100% feedback rating) with great reviews from all. But . . . this is the only place where you can get the publisher's discount.

Have everything you need at your fingertips. . .

In addition to storing over 300 URL's user names and passwords you can organize your book any way you like, no alphabetical order restrictions and we also added 2 lines for personal notes, email address, newsgroup notes, or what ever ever you like.

You will have the peace of mind knowing if your computer has to go to the shop. . .  (which my husband's just did, and was gone for 2 weeks), or you go on vacation, you need to have access to your personal information. With "My Internet Addresses" no matter where you are, at home or office, you always have access to all your accounts.

You also don't have to worry if or when your computer crashes because you have a written record of your access information. This actually happened to a friend who called to thank me for giving him my book because he could still keep up with his bill paying without disruption. Remember, you can use it from anywhere, from any computer with Internet access in the world.

We made the book small so it doesn't take up alot of room on the desktop. It also fits nicely into a shirt pocket, briefcase, purse or bag easily and conveniently. The overall size is 4 1/2" X 5 1/2". and it is spiral bound so it lays flat on your desktop.

More comments and letters about My Internet Addresses.

"After seeing mine, everybody in my office wants one. Can you guess what they are all getting for their birthday? :) P.S. I want to get some for Stocking Stuffers for Christmas." - - - Susan P. Title Agent

"I had to write you and say a big thanks. On Tuesday my computer crashed and the repair shop said it's toast. I would be totally screwed without this book. My whole LIFE is in this book. Thank you for a great one!! Well worth the money." -- - Captain Wahoo

"I can't live without it now that I have it. I take it everywhere. Can I have a new one for Christmas?  Mine has a coffee stain." - - - Jane S. Orlando, FL

My Internet Addresses" - - 2nd Printing Goes to Press July 2007 !!

I am not sure how long this printing will last, because I have ramped up the promotional channels and notified everyone who purchased the first edition.

We have heard from several companies who have already reserved theirs to use as promotional giveaways because the inside front cover is blank and provides a great spot to put your company's name. There is no better way to insure you will stay within arms reach of your clients. (Be sure and write in your URL in the first position before you give it to you customers.)

If you or anyone you know uses a computer and logs onto any Internet website you will really love this book. I am confident you will find the book as helpful as the 1042 people who have already purchased theirs and use it every day.

Here's our New Release Special. . .

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My Internet Addresses
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